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SILBO has brought more than seventy world brands with a range of over 1,500 items to the Serbian market. Over 100 employees in our sales sector make sure that each of these products satisfies our consumers, in over 9,000 retail outlets throughout Serbia every day.

SILBO brands are distributed from the central warehouse through a cross-docking platform to all sales channels that consist of key accounts and local key accounts, to traditional shops (TT channel) and HoReCa objects. In this way, we ensure that our products are available to all our fellow citizens, without neglecting anyone.

Our wide portfolio includes world brands as well as our brand Silbo Good Food.

The most common products belong to the food segment in three different temperature regimes - frozen (up to -22 ° C), fresh (0-4 ° C) and ambient (10-22 ° C) - or different groups of products from the food industry: from milk and dairy products, various cheeses, meat products and confectionery, to articles belonging to a group of healthy foods, basic foods and beverages. The category of fresh segment is most characteristic of our work and we are inviolable on the market in this segment.

With its default approach, shaped through responsibility, reliability, stability, persistence, standardization, innovation and state-of-the-art technology, the sales sector has established the dominant recognition of our company through the support to retail facilities and trade marketing activities. The cascading organization of the sector is based on offering modularity and flexibility in servicing everyday sales activities.