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De Nigris

The uniqueness of De Nigris brand lies in the creativity that is used to make each product always able to surprise. In order to maintain this uniqueness from 1889, three generations of the De Nigris family devoted themselves to the production of high quality balsamic vinegar with high quality by the family motto that "the borders do not exist".

Today, 120 years later, production is based on unique semi-finished products from Modena in Italy. A delicate process of fermentation and aging is done with continuous supervision that ensures the preservation of aroma, and the process of production and bottling is done using the most modern technologies.

In this way, the balsamic vinegar produces sophisticated and aromatic flavors that are perfectly matched with salads, cheeses and meat, as well as with fruits and desserts.

Via Silbo brand representation, De Nigris products can be found on the Serbian market in different volumes.