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On the viewpoint above the village of Gaiola, in the middle of the Chianti Zone, in the heart of Tuscany, a property called Capannelle is located. Founded in 1974, when a businessman moved to this villa from the 16th century, this unusual vineyard-wine estate was built to possess the ideal conditions for the production of top quality wines, and to accommodate faithful wine lovers in the best way.

The philosophy of wine production is based on a simple idea that wine is created in a vineyard, that harvesting determines quality and yield, and that only the best grapes are chosen for wine. When it's not the best - there's no wine.

Since 1975, this winery has been producing red wines, and white wines since 1988, whose quality has attracted not only fans around the world, but also new investors. In 1997, the winery changed the owner who decided to transform this property into a global leader in wine production. Today Capannelle extends to 35 hectares of land (16 hectares under vineyards), produces 5 different types of wines distributed in 35 countries and serves in the most prestigious hotels in the world. In addition to production facilities, Capannelle also has a wine resort that offers wine lovers a break and enjoyment.

Silbo brand representation of CAPANNELLE on the Serbian market consists of the wines Solare, Chardonnay, Rosato, Chianti Classico Riserva and the famous 50 & 50 mixed wine, which was created in 1988 by mixing Capannelle Sangiovese with Tuscan Merlot.