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As far as our capital investments are concerned, we are guided by three main criteria. The first one - to improve and the quality of life of our fellow citizens. The second one – to link points that others haven’t noticed and make connections to places that others haven’t noticed. The third one – to ensure a quality return on previous investments in order to enable the creation of new ones.

In this way, we round off an investment strategy that enables us to realize our vision, to take our mission a step further, and, through the sustainable development of the entire business system, to build new worlds for the upcoming generations.

In 2007, we became the owner of the dairy "Mladost" from Kragujevac, which, after significant investments in new equipment, technological processes and raw material base, as well as increasing capacities and distribution, redesign of packaging and starting production of new products - in 2012, became a part of one of the most renowned milk producers in Europe, Meggle.

In September 2011, we became the majority owner of the confectionery factory "Paracinka" from Paracin by taking over 80% of the capital. The restructuring process involved raising the quality of production, redefining the existing assortment, redesigning the packaging, enhancing the existing brands, changing the distribution model and selling products, that is, all the activities that contribute to the realization of defined business plans for the future.

And today? Today we can look at the fruits of our work in the rearview mirror, while we pass the way in front of us with unstoppable energy.