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When passion becomes the fundamental reason, then you know that you have encountered something different, and when such passion is so deep that it becomes a tradition of more than 300 years, then you know that you have tried Gavrilovic products.

Since the passion for creating meat specialties in a recognizable taste that provides consumers with unique Gavrilovic pleasure - using the highest quality ingredients with the use of modern technologies and processes - is the fundamental reason for the existence of this company, managed by the ninth generation of Gavrilovic family today.

It is after this long family heritage that Gavrilovic is among the rare ones in the world. A tradition dating back to the seventeenth century today connects with the most modern industrial plants and production processes by offering meat products that are in line with the strictest health and hygiene standards, which are prepared from selected pieces of meat through multi-century recipes and using their own mix of spices.

Via Silbo brand representation, the company Gavrilovic is present on the Serbian market with a part of its assortment consisting of pate (tea, liver, chicken), semi-long products (mortadella, sausages, ham) and durable products (winter salami, graničarska sausage).

Try any of Gavrilovic's products and see why "It's great, it’s from Gavrilovic!" is a widely known slogan that is synonymous with the truth.