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It's all about the assistants! When a person in life has good assistants in life, they can do anything to the extent possible. And vice versa: when we do not have the right assistants, everything is always harder, slower and worse. The same thing is with cooking. That's why CREMIO made Cucina D'Oro, a meal preparation product designed to give you freedom and the opportunity to free your imagination in the kitchen.

This cooking cream is an excellent assistant in the kitchen for preparing delicious and quality dishes. Whether these are soups, different sauces, or some dressing or delicious mousse, or delicious homemade pasta in just a few minutes, or something completely different - we leave it to you.

The Silbo assortment of this brand in the Serbian market consists of three different volumes of this "assistant" (0.2l-0.5l-1l) which are equally good both for an independent meal and for a family feast.