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Silbo Logistics has a modern fleet of 200 freight and delivery vehicles offering integrated transport services from factories and warehouses of international partners to retail chains.

Silbo Logistics is a specialized company for the organization of international combined and collective transport from abroad to the central warehouses of customers and capillary transportation of goods to retail facilities throughout the country.

All transport vehicles are equipped with GPS devices and integrated into the SkyTrack ™ information system that ensures the collection, processing and analysis of all data related to the fleet. The information system provides detailed insight into the location, conditions and daily functioning of the entire fleet, enables efficient planning, routing and interventions in real time, which ensures optimization of process, time and overall business results.

Silbo Logistics, as a subsidiary of SILBO's Corporate Responsibility Company, takes care of environmental standards and optimization of CO2 emissions through transport services. Therefore, in the spirit of its founder and the commitment to learn from the lessons of others, do not be surprised if we soon decide to no longer turn left. If UPS time reduces CO2 emissions by 100,000 metric tons annually - an equivalent of 20,000 passenger cars annually - then we believe that we can give similar contributions. After all, we have only one planet.

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