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In our value system, those resources that provide added value are the highest, and no infrastructure or technology is able to provide them. People are.

That is why our Human Resources Division represents a significant part of the System and every day it makes sure that every 350 employees can happily say that they love what they do.

This is the Sector that allows us to have people with whom the other sectors maintain our promises, which we offer to the refined and demanding consumers and customers most uncompromisingly.

In order to instill this deep belief in people, our mission and vision of an unstoppable SILBO energy, our HR sector is guided by the most up-to-date methodological principles in the human resources management system whose most important interpersonal elements are conversation and laughter.

The focus of activities in each of these parts is the long-term cooperation with employees with ever-increasing motivation, constant formal and informal education, improvement of efficiency and overall performance of the company, and permanent improvement of employee satisfaction.

This structured approach ensures and increases the reliability of people among themselves, as well as self-confidence, structure and clarity of goals and roles in the group, the purpose and importance of work for each team member, the impact that people have and share in the belief that they work with purpose and that their work affects greater and higher good, and psychological security through the belief of each of our employees that one can feel reliable in taking over interpersonal risks.

And here, our circle in the story of people and corporate culture ends. Our leaders take care of our people from which new leaders, new ideas, new energies, new clients and new worlds emerge... And it all starts from that extra mile in people.