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AD Čokolend is one of the leading manufacturers of surrogate bars for eating and cooking in Serbia. In addition to chocolate and cream pralines, products and chocolate figures represent a unique product in this region.

One of the basic choices of Čokolend's business strategy is controlling, maintaining and increasing the quality of products, as well as investing in the development of new products. Based on such business strategy in 1998, tortillas chips were introduced into the production program, an entirely new product whose raw material is an integral corn grain, making it a unique product on the market in this part of Europe.

Since 2015, Čokolend has been working intensively on expanding production facilities and enriching the programs offered to consumers.

Via Silbo brand representation, AD Čokolend is available to our fellow citizens and consumers in a wide range of products, from pralines and cream bananas, to tortilla chips in various flavors (classic, pizza, chili, cheese, grill, tzatziki and ketchup), Famoso sauce and chocolates Lucia and Gracia.