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About us

SILBO is a business system that provides complete control of goods through integrated branding services in the form of distribution and logistics of the highest quality and latest products that enrich people's lives with top-class, attractive and affordable experiences.

From factories and warehouses of international manufacturers to domestic chains of stores, to transportation, freight forwarding, market communications and sales positioning, our services introduce and place the best brands to refined and demanding consumers who enjoy outstanding and quality products.

We understand the market in which we operate as an organism whose breathing and pulse we follow daily. When we notice the need for a new product, we come up with a range of activities by which we serve the phases of designing, introducing, positioning and placing the brand, always with the same goal: to satisfy the needs of our fellow citizens and consumers in an acceptable way and enrich their life with the highest quality food experiences.

We believe that nothing should be taken for granted in business and we consider that life is an art of compromise. But when it comes to our business, the approach we always imply is shaped through responsibility, reliability, stability, perseverance, standardization, innovation and state-of-the-art technology. And when it comes to this, for us - there is no compromise.

Staying steady and committed to your values is not always easy, but it's right. The source of our strength is the fact that we love what we do, since 1991, and Steve Jobs was right when he said - "The only way to do a great job is to love what you do."

The four hundred of our employees transform the love of this business into top professionalism that, by its transversal line of 200 cars, 20,000 pallet places, 9,000 sales points and 15,000 square meters of office space in the central distribution center - every day, every year, always exceeds one extra mile.