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In the summer of 1991, two men had one idea, one van, two persistent characters and the desire to create a business system with a selected group of like-minded people, which meets the demands of refined and demanding consumers who enjoy good and quality products.

Led by faith in themselves and their vision, driven by inexhaustible energy, shaped by their own experience and lessons of others, speaking the same language, these people have created knowledge and commitment to create an environment that offers clients the best-known world brands and business trends.

By opting for permanent education, implementing the latest technologies, choosing the best people our country has to offer, these people created a job that never stops.

That's how we were made – us that walk an extra mile - that's how SILBO was founded. Today in our country we have introduced the highest quality and latest products that enrich people's lives with top-quality, attractive and affordable food experiences. We make this an uninterrupted line that starts at the factories and warehouses of our in-partners, and ends up in the hand of our consumers. Always straight and uninterrupted, our line is only curved in the smile of our customers and clients at the end of our journey, which makes it the only curved line that corrects everything. This exact smile is the basic fuel of our unstoppable business system.