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Borgo Molino

In 1922, in the Italian family Nardini, a decision was made to live from the earth, in harmony with nature, and to provide the environment with what it needs, in order to give it the best you can.

Intuition, a vision of what the company can become in the future, and the approach to making wine as something more than work - are exactly the elements created by BORGO MOLINO, the leading Italian wine maker of exceptional quality and taste.

Via Silbo brand representation, BORGO MOLINO is present on the Serbian market with products of Prosecco, from the most beautiful plantations in the Veneto region in Italy.

Prosecco wines made from high aromatic grapes, are light and refreshing, ideal as an aperitif or accompanying light meals. Along with these wines, at first sip, you can uncover the irresistible taste and sophistication of Italian charm.