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Cipiripi is a favorite among all generations - it's no wonder, because it has been on the market for decades.

The children who once loved him grew up, but they still buying Cipiripi for their children.
It would be hard to count all the pancakes that Cipiripi had spread since it first appeared on the market.
Today, the popular squirrel smiles with well-known Cipiripi chocolate boards and creams of various flavors, from delicious caramel to irresistible nougat.
Since 2018, Cipiripi is again "at home", that is, it is 100 percent owned by a domestic company, Paraćinka Paraćin, one of the oldest and longest-lived sweets factories in this region.
Thanks to high production standards, development of the latest technologies and constant investment in quality, Cipiripi cream is one of the leading brands in its category.