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The best-quality soy products, which are attracting more and more attention in retail chains around the world, originated in 2003 with the brand JOYA, the name of which is made up as a compound Enjoy and Soy, and indicates the commitment of this producer to bring joy to its consumers.

Soy products are an excellent solution for healthy nutrition-rich vitamins and minerals, for all ages. The main precondition for successful processing of soybean is the appropriate climate. The Province of Burgenland in Austria, with its idyllic climate, offers not only excellent conditions for breeding, but also the environment for cultivation in harmony with nature.

Via Silbo brand representation, JOYA is present on the Serbian market with beverages rich in calcium, rice/almonds, rice/coconut, chocolate, vanilla, oats and yoghurt.

The richness of the flavors of these products offesr not only a pleasant surprise during a meal, but a healthy meal for you and your loved ones.