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In selecting people who make SILBO, we are guided by the standard that character is more important than skills, knowledge and work biography.

This does not mean that a CV is not important but that there is always something more important. It is more important where candidates want to be, where they can be, why they think what they think, what lessons they have learned from previous experiences, whether they want to be a mile more ahead of themselves. These things are not a matter of work but of character, and therefore we consider them when we look for candidates.

Potential new colleagues are evaluated through tests of abilities, capacities, potentials, interests, competences and values, and we always get to know them through interviews. During the selection process, candidates are able to get acquainted not only with our recruiters, but also with direct managers, and they are able to see the characteristics of the team which they might join (job description, method and approach to work, as well as other details).

It is important that after such process with potential new colleagues we can answer two questions together - "Do you see yourself/the candidate among us?" and "Do you consider yourself/the candidate ready for SILBO?". If both are positive, on both sides, we can continue.

Especially towards that extra mile...