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Montorsi Company was founded in 1880 as a family workshop for meat processing in the area of ​​Italy (Acquaria di Montecreto), characterized by a strong bond of people and the country, and a sincere passion for good food. The secret ingredients that the Montorsi family has been using for the past five generations in the production of their meat products are the fresh air and knowledgeable hands of the employees, who have for over a century kept the delicacy tradition of Montrosa and turned it into uniquely high-quality products.

Today, Montrosi is the leading Italian company in the production of meat products, which is proud of its production process. From an exclusive production line and the selection of the best breeds of pigs and raw materials for their nutrition, to direct delivery of products at sales outlets, each segment of the Montrosi production line is managed with one goal - to provide the best meat for full consumer satisfaction.

Thanks to the Silbo brand, the Montorsi is present on the Serbian market with permanent and semi-permanent products such as Napoli Piccante, Milano salami, Crudo ham, Mortadella Olimpia with pistachios.