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BB Klekovača

BB Klekovača —the oldest Serbian distillery founded in 1953, continuing the tradition of the Bavarian agricultural cooperative from 1905, is famous for this product.

It is not known when exactly the first "klekovača", a plum brandy with the addition of medicinal berries was produced. Yet it is known that the tradition of brandy production in Serbia is longer than 500 years, and the use of juniper in folk medicine was even written in the Hilandar Medical Code from the 13th century.

BB Distillery has transformed such authentic brandy from the area of ​​Bajina Bašta and the mountain Tara after centuries of family production into a brand called BB Klekovača and made it one of the most famous and most important alcoholic beverages on the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

Today, the BB Distillery produces more than twenty different types of brandy, while almost all of them fall into the premium category. The company's definition is clear - the production of top quality authentic brandy from the best fruits and indigenous varieties of plums of Western Serbia.

For all types of brandy, a very strict selection of the best fruits is made, which are converted into superior brandy through double distillation in first-class copper boxes that are heated with the wood. Special skills and knowledge, as well as one of the oldest traditions in the world of brandy, are passed on to each bottle of BB brandy in order to transmit the climate, air, water, soil and the best local fruits from the heart of the Drina and the soul of Tara to each consumer in each sip. Through the Silbo brand representation, BB Klekovača is available to consumers in a variety of packages, including a special gift package. Enjoy the charm of our country, but do not forget: leave the car keys before it in a safe place.