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In order for SILBO brands to be available to all our fellow citizens and end consumers, without neglecting anyone, besides KA, LKA and TT channels, we have established a dedicated HoReCa distribution program, with the commitment that refined and demanding consumers can enjoy the ultimate experience outside their homes.

The HoReCa channel is directed at wholesale of food products and beverages to hotels, restaurants, bars, pizzerias, bakeries and pastry shops. A special focus of HoReCa channel is on targeted sales to companies.

Our HoReCa range of products is tailored to the needs of customers, and the offer includes over 1,000 items from three different temperature modes - frozen (up to -22 ° C), fresh (0-4 ° C) and ambient (10-22 ° C) - from which Italian cheeses, delicacies and wines stand out as well as the finest Belgian chocolate. Our HoReCa services are adapted to the requirements of our clients by offering the best products from the innovative world of gastronomy.

SILBO enriches the cuisine of our clients with an assortment of hedonism and the most beautiful experiences that guests can experience in HoReCa facilities.

In cooperation with our marketing sector, clients in HoReCa channel are able to provide a wide range of promotional activities through dedicated events, tasting, promotion and carefully designed interactions with guests of their facilities.

As with any other SILBO distribution channel, in the HoReCa program we provide integrated logistics services, thus providing our clients with one-stop-shop when it comes to the highest quality and latest products that enrich the lives of their guests with top quality and attractive products.

Because, in our HoReCa extra mile - we create a five-star offer.