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Giovanni Rana

The story of this Italian manufacturer is a story about the journey between tradition and innovation, the two trademarks of the success of Giovanni Rana.

Inspired by local women, local manufactory and the old-fashioned way of making pasta, Giovanni Rana began production of tortellas in 1959. In 1968, it was made into industrial production, and today he is the leading European test manufacturer. What was started in the form of a manufactory, and since 1968 was shaped into industrial production, is Europe's leading test manufacturer today.

The characteristics of all Rana products are simple: the top ingredients used in top-quality production to produce high-end products that are very easy to prepare.

Thanks to the Silbo brand, Giovanni Rana products are present on the Serbian market in several different forms such as tortellini (with ricotta, cheese, pesto sauce, spinach), ravioli (with mushrooms, four types of cheese), cappellets (with dry ham), girasioli (with gorgonzola/walnut and ricotta/spinach), tagliatelle or gnocchi.

Various flavors and packagings in volumes for all occasions offer the opportunity to give each dish a personal stamp with your favorite sauce and parmesan - the rest is already taken care of by Giovanni Rana.