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If you would like to describe the home of the finest Belgian chocolate or the richness of the finest chocolate flavors in one word, you would say Callebaut.

Why? Because it is one of the rare chocolates that is good enough not only for each of us but for the chefs of the world's best restaurants.

Making beautiful chocolate delights for your friends and fans is what Callebaut has dealt with, from generation to generation, since 1911. The idea with which Octaaf Callebaut started the production and which the company is led by today is "from grain to chocolate" and is realized by the control of all stages of production - from breeding, selecting and picking the finest cocoa beans from untouched nature, to top-level Belgian chocolate makers who create the best and most delicious chocolate products for lovers around the world.

For Callebaut, this is not just a story about chocolate, but a story about love for chocolate that has lasted over a hundred years.

Via Silbo brand, Callebaut chocolate is present on the Serbian market as dark, milk or white chocolate, thermostable chocolate, sugar-free chocolate, and as colorful and aroma chocolate, available for HoReCa professionals.