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Granoro il Primo

If you have only one choice, and you need an ideal and full meal for each day, the answer is simple - Granoro Il Primo.

This Italian producer of pasta, sauces and peeled tomatoes, driven by the motto "offer yourself the highest quality every day," has produced food with passion, care and attention dedicated to each stage of production since 1967.

The result is high quality products with intense color and taste, typical of the Mediterranean climate, which thanks to the content of rich proteins remain fresh for a long time after storage.

Today, Granoro produces more than 150 different forms of pasta using the best quality cereals that, in the modern process of production and design, turn into products that become healthy habits.

Via Silbo brand representation, Granoro is present on the Serbian market with a range of products. From spaghetti (different thicknesses), tagliatelle, pasta in various forms (penne, spiral, rigatoni), gnocchi, lasagna and cannelloni, to rich sauces, peeled tomato and ketchup.

We leave the recipes up to you along with a true company for a traditional Italian meal offering the highest quality, every day.