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Frico cheeses are like the taste of happiness, the scent of pastures and soft sounds of nature, as a bite for all the senses that lead us to the journey to Holland, the land of cheese.

In 1898, the first Frisco cheese was born, and the creation of the history of full of delicious moments began. Today, Frisco is the leading cheese producer in the Netherlands and part of the FreislandCampina Group, one of the world's largest companies in the development, production and sales of dairy products. With a tradition dating back to the end of the 19th century, this Dutch giant distributes milk, milk drinks and yoghurts to more than a hundred countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, with offices in 34 countries.

The business model that FreislandCampina applies provides unmatched quality in the richness of tastes with valuable nutritive ingredients - breeders and milk producers from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are the owners of the company that produces cheeses in top-notch plants, using state-of-the-art technology, production processes and quality control. This model ensures that shareholders are equally oriented not only to the origin and quality of raw materials, but also to all stages in which the product takes the final shape and ends with the consumer. Uniquely, in a unique way. Via Silbo brand representation, Frisco cheeses are present in the Serbian market in traditional brands such as Edam, Gauda, ​​Maasdam, Chevrette and smoked cheese. No matter which cheese you choose, we wish you a happy trip to Holland from your table and lots of nice moments in the tastes of happiness.