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AIA Company (Agricola Italiana Alimentare), a part of the Veronesi Group, is one of the leading European companies in the production and sale of fresh chicken, turkey and rabbit meat, whole and in portions, as well as eggs, a wide range of gastronomic specialties and poultry meat in slices.

What distinguishes AIA is the impeccable quality and outstanding service. This company uses the highest quality ingredients and production processes based on state-of-the-art technology. In order to meet the demand of consumers for tasty, healthy and quality food products, there is complete control of every stage of the production process.

High product quality is achieved by combining a practical approach to the production and use of fresh and authentic ingredients without neglecting taste and innovation. By combining these factors, the main idea of ​​the company is realized - to satisfy the needs of consumers constantly and in the best way.

The brand Wudy stands out within AIA, which has been the market leader in the production of chicken and turkey hot dogs for years. It is distinguished by a wide range of different gram packages and products, from turkey and chicken specialties to hotdogs filled with cheese, which satisfy all tastes and are handy for all occasions.

The quality of the meat used in making Wudy hot dogs makes them perfect for all ages and diet regimens.

We are proud that Silbo's partnership with this company has resulted in the largest selling of Wudy products at the whole AIA level, as well as in Wudy with cheese and Wudy POP exclusive campaigns for the Serbian market.