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They say that flour is the key to the success of a pizza. Topping is always good when flour is right.

In 1924, this "secret" was learnt in MULINO CAPUTO, the manufacturer of premium flour for pizza and pasta from Naples, and since then it has been shared with all the fans of Italian dishes that are among the most famous in the world.

MULINO CAPUTO flour is produced with great respect for the grain gifts, slowly and thoroughly, with authority, spontaneity and tradition, so that all pastry lovers around the world can display their culinary creativity in the best way. In this way, the "Caputo" method is created which by slow grinding ensures that the grain keeps its authentic tastes and nutrients with the highest processing quality. By mixing cereals from the Italian regions of Umbria and Marche with cereals from France, Germany and Finland, a natural product is obtained that does not possess artificial enzymes and extra additives.

MULINO CAPUTO is available in Serbia via SILBO brand representation, available to our fellow citizens in classical and eminent flour in 25 kg packs, intended for all kitchen enthusiasts who like authentic recipes.

MULINO CAPUTO makes pizza a meal for every day.