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Les Verges Boiron If we were to try to describe Les Vergers Boiron products as briefly as possible, we would then say that it is the fruit in its finest form.

Even though this French company started as a small family business dealing with fruit trade forty years ago, it has shown and proven that by listening to customer needs, one can succeed and become a global leader in the frozen fruit and vegetable business with more than 15,000 tons of products made per year. Boiron fruit purees can be found in more than 80 countries worldwide.

But what is their secret? First of all, it starts with a strict selection of the best raw materials, and a controlled processing technique customized specifically to each fruit and vegetable. This allows to preserve the quality of products and provides the exceptional, authentic flavor that is preservative free, with 100% natural food coloring and texture without artificial thickening. Boiron fruit purees are of the quality the closest to those of fresh fruits.

Deep freezing preserves all food nutritive values and allows for a long shelf life, which guarantees professionals the availability of the products throughout the year.

Thanks to the SILBO brand team, Boiron fruit purees are available on the Serbian market and available to all HoReCa professionals to make the perfect hand-made ice creams, cocktails, juices and sorbets that satisfy the most demanding taste desires of guests.