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Since 1952 IVV has "breathed" passionately searching for the ideal shape and color of glass withtransparency, light and sound as the key features of their products. These characteristics are possible only by selecting the finest materials, using multi-year manufacturing techniques and the expertise of masters whose knowledge is transferred from generation to generation. Such approach brings us shapes and forms of glass products in collections that are environmentally clean, with powerful aesthetic emphasis and emotional functionality.

Today, IVV is one of the largest European manufacturers of glassware that combines material research, design, traditional craftsmanship and control of modern production and processes to create objects that beautify and enrich the living space.

Via Silbo brand representation, IVV is present in the Serbian market with wine glasses collections (white, red, foamy), glass for spirits, colorful glasses for water and decanter.

Whether you need glass items for you two or for a good party or restaurant, IVV brings you the passion that beautifies every moment.