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Igor Gorgonzola


IGOR is the leading Italian company in the production of Gorgonzola cheese which in the famous gastronomic tradition of this country occupies the top first place.

Since its founding in 1935 until today, IGOR has never made the slightest compromise when the quality of cheese is at stake. For three generations, the Leonardi family brings the most beautiful Gorgonzola cheese from their farms to the kitchen tables around the world.The recipe has been transferred from father to son over 80 years and thanks to precise monitoring of every step in production and careful selection of milk, cheese has become unique and unrepeatable for quality and taste.As the first producer of Gorgonzola cheese, it has experienced continuous growth over the years, tripling the surface and production capacities in a short time. Thanks to modern technological achievements and continuous improvement of the production process, IGOR has become one of the most efficient producers of Gorgonzola cheese. In addition, they have become owners of three well-known milk factories: Ballarini, Pal and Clin with many years of experience in the production of gorgonzola.

A passion called gorgonzola, planning, dedication, tradition and innovation are the keys to the success of IGOR.


Thanks to the Silbo Professional Food Channel, our consumers will be able to enjoy the unique taste of the famous Italian cheese that enriches our FIVE STARS OFFER.

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