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When it comes to pastry, Pidy has been number one in the catering world since 1967.

Pidy is the worldwide leader in the production of puff pastry products.It owns the most technologically advanced manufacturing facilities in Belgium, France and the United States.With the increasing popularity of pastry, Pidy is increasingly evolving to provide inspiration in the form of quality pastry products of various shapes, sizes and types, which open the door to an exciting world of sweet and savoury creations.Pidy is one of the world's most famous companies specialized in “Ready to Fill” products.This company uses 100% natural ingredients to create products with the taste and texture of the very best home-baked pastry but with the stability demanded by the professional kitchen.

Thanks to consistent quality of the wide range of products, new creations, innovations and personal service, Pidy is the first choice in 50 countries around the world when it comes to puff pastry.

Thanks to the SILBO brand team, consumers in Serbia can enjoy preparing delicious delicacies from puff pastry. Whether you want to make your fillings quick and easy or create complex combinations, Pidy pastry provide the perfect starting point.