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Generations of consumers have been enjoying the rich variety of Kraš's sweet products for almost a century. Since the beginning of production in 1911, to this day, Kraš has been deliberately developing the production of all three groups of confectionery products - cocoa products, biscuits and waffles and candies. The long-term orientation towards the production of original, high-quality products and fulfillment of the wishes and needs of the consumers ensured Kraš the leading position of a confectionery manufacturer in the region.

The brands such as Bajadera, Griotte Dessert, Dorina Chocolate, Životinjsko carstvo, Domaćica, Napolitanke, Kiki and Bronhi candy speak best abour Kraš, as well as other products well known to numerous consumers. The entire production is organized in accordance with world confectionery standards that meet the strictest requirements for achieving high quality.

Via Silbo brand representation, all Kraš products are available to our consumers in a wide range of retail facilities on the Serbian market. In this way, Silbo brings the richness of Kraš tastes to our fellow citizens, based on the top quality of all products which have been rewarded by the generations of Kraš consumers for their loyalty.